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Looking for a reliable security guard company in Boston?

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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is a flexible and affordable security services firm in Boston, MA which provides numerous security-related services which include security officer duties, foot patrols, and periodic roving patrol services. We’ve been in business since 1999, so we know a thing or two about providing excellent security guard services for our clients.

We’re well aware of the importance of integrity in character and service as a component of an overall safety structure that can be relied upon. As one of the more seasoned security guard companies in Boston, we pride ourselves on having a high level of accountability.

Our clients include small businesses, homeowners, office towers, property owners, retail establishments, industrial sites, hospitals, schools & some government facilities, special event coordinators, sports and entertainment venues. If professional security guards are required, you can count on Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. to provide outstanding security services at an affordable rate.

Our security officers are highly trained and experienced.

Multiple service options are available.

Security guard companies in Boston, MA and New EnglandSecurity officers on our staff are available for short-term, long-term, and permanent posts. We provide concierge services for officer towers, periodic floor-by-floor foot patrols, and employee escorts for dark or isolated parking lots/garages if needed. Our goal is to keep your customers, employees, and clients safe while they’re on your property and to serve as an immediate defense mechanism for your interests.

We provide both armed and unarmed security officers who may be suited, uniformed, or in plain clothes based on the specific nature of the project.

  • For theft prevention details in retail and corporate establishments, plainclothes unarmed operatives are ideal.
  • For a visible deterrent, it’s best to request armed, uniformed guards.

If you need to hire security guards in Boston for immediate service, don’t hesitate to contact our  management team today. We’re one of the few security guard companies in Boston that’s ready to provide security guard services on short-notice and in emergencies such as broken glass incidents at store-fronts and other instances where immediate security oversight is required. For more information about our services, call us at 617-401-0040.

Boston, MA Security Officers

Overview of Security Guard Services

  • We‘re Partners with Local Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Uniformed, Suited, and Plain Clothes Officers
  • Armed and Unarmed Guards Available.
  • Active-Shooter & Gun-Free Zone Defense Options
  • Ask About Tactical Bodyguards & Anti-Sniper Services
  • Concierge and Reception Desk Operatives
  • Security Kiosk Officers for Monitoring CCTV Systems
  • Fire Watch Detail Guard Officers Available
  • Patrols for Small, Large, & Geographically Separate Buildings
  • Special Event & Crowd Control Security
  • Retail Theft & Property Vandalism Defense, Home-Sitting

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Have questions about our security guard services? Need to hire security officers in Boston or elsewhere in Massachusetts on short notice? Don’t hesitate to make contact with our management team by calling Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. today. Our phone number is 617-401-0040 and our phones are answered 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

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Need to hire security guards in Boston, MA?

Learn more about the benefits of private security.

Small businesses as well as large enterprises in Boston, MA are vulnerable to security threats such as vandalism, theft, assault and employee disputes. Such events can damage a company’s infrastructure and business reputation. For this reason, some businesses can’t afford to operate without hiring professional security guards. Some of the main reasons that companies contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. with inquiries about hiring security guards in Boston, MA are outlined below.

We Provide A Sense of Security

Our Security Guards are Highly Trained

The physical presence of private security guards creates a sense that everything is secure and thus you, your staff and customers have peace of mind. Customers can comfortably leave their car parked knowing somebody is watching. Security officers, whether armed or unarmed, are essential for businesses involved with high-end products or located in a high-risk area. The presence of a security team improves employee retention and productivity, especially in high-risk business locations.

Prompt Incident Response

The Quicker Issues are Addressed, Damages are Mitigated

With the 24 hour guard services provided by Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc., security guards can be on site at all times. This means they can react to any arising security situation at your business premise. The guard will respond quickly to a situation usually long before the police can arrive at the scene. For example, the police can take more than twenty minutes to arrive in response to an aggressive and chaotic customer while a security guard can respond instantly. With security personnel present on site, they can quickly take control of the situation and prevent losses. It’s important to note the presence of security guards is usually all that’s needed to deter criminal activity.

Improve the Customer Experience

Security Officers Compliment Your Business

The benefits of staffing security guards go beyond protecting your business. Security guards are the first people your customers see inside or outside your business premise. Depending on the kind of business you operate, your security personnel will be available to your clients should they need assistance which is an essential customer service.

For example, in a department store, shoppers usually ask security guards for directions to certain products or common areas. In a mall, security guards are often seen giving directions to certain outlets or services available in the mall.

If needed, security personnel will also escort your employees or customers to their cars during late hours. “Professional” security operatives understand and value the concept of customer care, satisfaction, and create the impression that you run a secure business that cares about its clients.

Emergency Readiness

Boston security guards respond before first responders.

Professional security guards undergo specialized training to properly handle emergencies which includes performing first aid, performing CPR, legally carrying firearms and countering aggressors with the use of batons, pepper sprayers, and firearms. Security guards under the employ of Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. are equipped to help out during any type of crisis or natural calamity. We understand how to handle various situations including armed robbery attempts and threats from other threats such as those which occur during active shooter scenarios.

Workplace Violence & Crime Prevention

Don’t be caught defenseless. Don’t be a soft target.

Having security guards in your business premise is an excellent way to deter crimes such as theft, assault, and vandalism. Thieves often avoid targeting enterprises with uniformed protection roving the premise. Security guards are trained to spot suspicious activities and imminent danger. Once they detect suspicious activity, they respond appropriately to prevent the situation from escalating. Your security will alert the police when a crime occurs and assist law enforcement with investigations whenever a crime happens at your establishment.

Armed security guards undergo different levels of training to learn the skills necessary to respond to a crime. Guards also interview witnesses, secure victims and inspect your business for security risks. A professional security guard can also help prepare a loss prevention report to complement their role.

Security guards can be trained to address conduct in your workplace and serve as disciplinary officers to ensure order in the work environment which may ensure that your staff adheres to prescribed rules and regulations.

Surveillance & Monitoring

We’ll help you keep an eye on things.

Aside from active patrol, guards can be assigned to monitor video surveillance, check for contraband, restrict access to certain areas, operate a security gate and check visitors’ credentials. Surveillance is critical especially in retail shops where shoplifting is a risk and for premise security after working hours. Monitoring CCTV security cameras allows the security team to respond swiftly; suspects remain unaware that security has been alerted and won’t have time to escape.

Real-time surveillance is vital to maintaining the security of your enterprise. If you’re a business or property owner with questions about security systems with CCTV & entry access control integration, contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. today.

Crowd Management

Controlling crowds is directly related to safety.

If you’re hosting or promoting a major event in Boston, our security guards can help keep the crowd under control. Crowd control is essential for preventing potential risks such as mob fights, drunk and disorderly people, organized stage rushes, and riots. Such events can cause not only catastrophic financial losses, but also serious injuries among patrons which carries potential liabilities of their own.

The safety of your business is essential especially during workers strike and labor unrests. These type of events can hamper the productivity of your business, result in injuries and other damages to businesses. Such damages can be avoided with the presence of experienced security guards. Guards who work with Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. are trained to perform threat assessments, prevent unauthorized access, deter crime, and record evidence of crime which is essential for injunctive relief.

If you’re ready to schedule security services, whether armed or unarmed, contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. today. To reach our management staff for a quote, call us at 617-401-0040 at any time.

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. provides security guard services throughout the Boston metro area. Whether we are needed in Boston, Westford, Framingham, Brockton, Marshfield, Rockport, Gloucester, Salem, Waltham, Brookline or elsewhere in New England, our team will be there. For more information or to obtain a service quote, call us today at 617-401-0040.

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