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If you’re interested in developing a relationship with a seasoned executive protection firm in Boston, MA, we encourage you to learn more about Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. With over 50 years of combined experience in the security & defense industry, there aren’t very many operational situations of which we lack familiarity.

We know that when a situation calls for the deployment of a bodyguard, it could be a high-risk life-or-death matter which should be left in the hands of experienced pros.

Many of our most experienced agents have backgrounds in state and federal law enforcement agencies and within various military branches. Operatives under our employ are some of the best-trained professionals in the business. If you need to protect a person or persons, we’re ready to help.

Our executive protection agents are flexible.

Service for businesses, governments, and private individuals.

Boston, MA Executive Protection & VIP Bodyguard ServicesNationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is proud of our ability to provide services for a myriad of needs. Our agents are available for short notice, long-term, and temporary contracts. If you need a bodyguard that’s able to travel, our security operatives have that capability.

We have experience providing protection services to VIPs, entourages, families, small children, foreign dignitaries, political figures, celebrities, and we have relationships with numerous corporations and high net-worth families.

Whether you need to provide an escort for small children, a single individual, or a party, we’re ready to provide accommodations. Many of our team members have anti-sniper training, and almost all of them have undergone extensive training in defensive & evasive driving practices and strategically travel route planning practices.

If you need our help, we’re here for you. If you have any questions about executive protection services or would like to inquire about service availability and scheduling, call our management team by placing a friendly phone call to 617-401-0400.

Executive Protection Service Overview

Service Overview

  • Anti-Sniper & Active Shooter Defense Training
  • Travel-Ready Bodyguards on Staff
  • Defense Services for Children & Families
  • Protective Services for Athletes, Entertainers & Celebrities
  • Short & Long-Term Service Contracts Available
  • Concierge, Entry Access and Property Defense
  • Defensive Route, Backup Route & Travel Planning
  • Options for Teams & Individual Operatives
  • Inconspicuously Armored Vehicles Available
  • Military Veterans & Former Government Personnel
  • Polite, Trained, Well-Groomed and Knowledgeable Agents

Company Overview

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If you’re ready to schedule a service meeting or if you would like to get your questions answered by one of our senior executives, we invite you to call us today. To contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. call us in Boston, MA directly at 617-401-0040.

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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. provides bodyguard and VIP protection services throughout Boston and New England. If our services are needed in Westford, Framingham, Brockton, Marshfield, Rockport, Gloucester, Salem, Waltham, Brookline or anywhere else in the Boston region, inform our team of your specific needs by calling us at 617-401-0040.

Need bodyguard services around the nation?

If you’re like some of our clients who travel or manage security for other individuals who may be located in other areas, we’re able to provide services to you as well. We maintain a presence in many areas which aren’t listed and our operatives are authorized to travel if needed. If you have questions, call us at any time of the day or night. To reach our national hotline, call 1-800-294-6042.