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Security Guard Services in Chicago

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

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Security guard companies in Chicago are plentiful, but very few provide their clients with the professionalism and attentiveness to duty to match that of the security guard staff of Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. Our firm is respected as one of the top security guard companies in Chicago, and we’re intent on maintaining that reputation. We pride ourselves on a high level of accountability, punctuality, and excellence.

When our clients contact us for service, they have a well-deserved expectation of the timely arrival and professional appearance of the guard-staff in addition to the highest expectations of the service they’ll receive.

Security Guards & Safety Personnel Are A Worthy Investment

Security guard services in Chicago, Il

Security officers pay for themselves with their presence alone. If a potential vandal or criminal intends on taking some form of aggressive illegal action, they’ll be immediately deterred and think twice the moment they catch wind of the presence of security guards. Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. staffs both armed and unarmed security officers and provides services to all types of establishments.

As one of the busiest security guard companies in Chicago, we’ve provided security for retail establishments, construction & equipment storage sites, office buildings, concerts & special events, schools, office parks, parking garages. We also train our armed staff in active-shooter prevention and neutralization. We’re also one of the few security guard companies in Chicago that’s ready to respond to emergency situations and initiate patrol details on short notice.

If you have questions about our security guard services in Chicago, or if you need to schedule service immediately, reach out to Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. as soon as possible. Call us at 773-231-5588. Our phones are answers day and night, 7 days per week.

Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

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More On Our Security Guard Services

  • Security for Healthcare Facilities
  • Employee Termination Security
  • Residential & Commercial Services
  • Special Event, Concert, Convention Security
  • Armed & Unarmed Officers Available
  • Temporary & Long Term Contracts Available
  • Office & Apartment Building Security
  • Periodic Vehicle & Foot Patrol Services
  • Emergency & Short Notice Service Available
  • Fire Watch Guards & Fire Prevention
  • Tactically Trained Bodyguards are Available

Company Overview

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Understanding the Role of Armed Security Guards

Fighting back against Active Shooters

There are two classifications of people who should be allowed to use guns, citizens that have the legal qualifications and protective armed forces. Armed security guards fall into the latter. Having a firearm is something that everyone within the US is—legally—entitled to, and it can ensure that you, as a citizen, are protected. Still, the difference between you and a professionally trained security guard is that they have other skills to supplement their ability to use a firearm.

The majority of security guards don’t carry weapons. In special cases, there are instances where an armed guard may be better suited for a task than their unarmed counterpart. There may be a situation where someone’s life is in danger or perhaps there is an establishment that doesn’t have much in the way of its own defenses, and armed security gives those within said establishment a feeling of safety.

Let’s use Chicago, Illinois, as an example, let’s say that someone attends the Art Institute of Chicago. They go into class expecting a typical day when suddenly it’s discovered that someone has come into the school with a firearm. We won’t take the example any further and we ask you to keep in mind that this is not an actual event that has happened. But, let’s just say that an armed guard is perfect for de-escalating this situation because they themselves have a firearm at their disposal.

Skills That an Armed Security Guard Must Have

We’ve covered the basics of what an armed guard does, which is to protect others with the aid of firearms, but possibly the most essential part of an armed guard’s job is to know that they should only use the gun when there is an actual need to do so. A gun makes a magnificent bluff towards someone anyone trying to engage in any criminal activity, but it shouldn’t be fired off arbitrarily. They must have good judgment to make a call that would require them actually to use their firearm. Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. takes pride in the intensive training our officers must complete. Our operatives know when to fire and when not to.

An armed security officer must also have a constant vigil of their surroundings and be alert and focused at every moment. A momentary lapse in vigilance could be disastrous. They must also be honest due to being responsible for secure access to buildings and protecting an establishment from crime. Vetting is an essential step in finding the right security guard so you can bet that Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. conducts background checks to ensure that our security guard staff has no criminal background or questionable ethics.

Armed security guards must also be in good physical condition while portraying an image of alertness. Being fit while and looking like the professional that every armed guard should be, is a powerful combination. Not only do they look the part of an intimidating guard to any perpetrators, but they present a good image towards their client. Moreover, speaking of their client, an armed security guard should be able to effectively communicate with them as well as accurately document the events of every incident.

An armed security officer will utilize these skills for potentially dangerous situations to achieve a favorable outcome. In looking back to the Art Institute scenario, the ultimate goal of the armed guard should be to put these abilities that they possess to create a means of dealing with the culprit to ensure the safety of everyone inside.

Active Shooting Incidents & Active Defense Solutions

What is Active Shooting?

An active shooting incident is when someone is killing or attempting to kill others in a confined and populated space. The perpetrator has no discernable pattern or methodology as to how they choose their victims.

Mass killings and active shooter attacks typically happen in areas where people are completely defenseless. These types of areas are referred to as “soft targets.” Active shooter attacks usually conclude with the offender committing suicide, getting shot by police/security or taken into custody once they surrender due to an unavoidable confrontation with the authorities. These incidents are often around a span of 10 to 15 minutes.

Back to our Chicago example, an auditorium or classroom within the Art Institute of Chicago is the perfect example of a soft-target. There’s nothing in the way to stop a perpetrator if they came armed and with ill intentions. There are too many school shootings to count that occur in the US each year and many active shootings are over before the police even arrive on the scene. The campus must have a competent and responsive security detail for these sorts of situations.

How to Approach an Active Shooting

It has been said many times that there are many reasons why active shootings happen. They include bullying, internet MK Ultra conspiracies, mental instability, easy means to acquire guns or a combination of each of these. Many times, in going over what led the shooter to make the horrifying choice to attack innocent people, there tends to be some truth that lies in each of these reasons, and therein also lies a way for security to help prevent these situations from happening.

Most times, there’s at least one person that’s aware that an active shooter is planning to make these nightmare situations a reality.

On the one hand, the mere fact that someone is planning something like this is awful, but it does allow security to pick up on potential troubles through interaction with the student body. A security guard should be constantly vigilant and know their surroundings inside and out and must account for the people that will be around as well. The phrase, “Know thy enemy” is rather apropos in this case.

Below we’ve outlined a few actions that a good security guard can take to ensure that an active shooting prevented or is de-escalated quickly.

  • They may dedicate themselves to learning each route, building, and campus.
  • They can make and carry a map on their person at all times that will allow them to quickly respond when told of an active shooter in a particular location.
  • The security guard in question can be sure to update their map if any repairs or additions the building is made.
  • A security guard can make themselves aware of any issues like broken door locks as well as entrances and exits on the school grounds.

Once an armed guard has confronted the shooter, they have the immediate goal of neutralizing the threat the same way a police officer would. A good armed guard should have the training needed to use their gun without injuring civilians during the confrontation. Nevertheless, it should be determined how they will approach the shooter with the school authorities well ahead of this ever occurring.

The best thing is for guards (armed or not) to do is to prepare for an active shooter incident. It isn’t possible to plan out every single detail due to the unpredictability of these incidents, but with constant awareness and continued improvements on their training and methods, guards and the rest of the staff can create a good plan for this type of emergency. Having an armed guard on all school campuses is the best way to counter such threats. Armed guards are highly trained individuals who have developed skills to protect their posts and the general public.

If you need to talk with a professional about developing a security scheme for your home or business in the Chicagoland region, contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. today by calling 773-231-5588.

If you’re the owner or manager of a property in Chicago that could use the oversight of trained and well-armed security staff, place a friendly phone call to our office today. Our phone number is 773-231-5588 and the phones at Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. are answered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If you have any questions, give us a call.

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Whether security guard services are needed in Chicago or in the nearby towns of Joliet, Naperville, Aurora, Elgin, Arlington Heights, Berwyn, Bolingbrook, Oaklawn and all areas in between, don’t hesitate to call us. To reach Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. call our office at 773-231-5588.

Security Guard Services in Atlanta

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is a licensed and respected security guard company in Atlanta, GA. Our clients have grown to appreciate the excellence of the service we provide and have come to expect professional and well-groomed agents when working with our teams. Whether you’re looking for armed or unarmed security officers, an individual or a team of security guards, our operatives are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

We’re one of the most respected security guard companies in Atlanta, GA. You can expect Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. to provide a customized solution to meet the particular needs of the business, premise, or assets and to counter any threats which may become apparent.

We Serve Private & Public Interests

Security guard services in Atlanta, GeorgiaSecurity guards in our employ have experience providing security for a multitude of facilities and situational environments. We’ve been called upon to provide security officers for schools, to participate in active shooter prevention, retail establishments, sporting events, special events, concerts (crowd control), parking lots and parking garages, properties & restricted areas, industrial environments, construction sites, office buildings, and residential living communities.

Unlike most security guard companies in Atlanta, GA, Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is often able to provide short-notice security guard services throughout the metropolitan region.

Another feature of our agency, which sets us apart from the other security guard companies in Atlanta is that we also staff fireguards and bodyguards for specialized situations. If you need to hire a security guard in Atlanta or have questions about our services, call us at 678-568-2257 today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Atlanta Security Guard Services

Security Officer Services Overview

  • 24 Hour Service Available
  • We Service Office Buildings & Large Venues
  • Special Event & Crowd Control
  • Restricted Area Enforcement
  • Property & Asset Defense
  • Roving & Periodic Patrols
  • Coverage for Geographically Separate Locations
  • Professional Record Keeping & Incident Reporting
  • Armed & Unarmed Security Officers Available
  • Plain Clothes, Suited, and Uniformed Options
  • Security for Public Access Establishments

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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. invites you to contact our office with any questions you may have about hiring a security guard in Atlanta. To reach our office at anytime of the day or night, call us at 678-568-2257.

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Changing Security Guard Companies in Atlanta, GA?

Learn more about security officers, their roles and duties.

We rarely pay attention to the people standing guard in our workplaces, companies, apartments or social amenities. Most employees probably don’t even know the name of that man they have been passing for the last five years as they move to their workstations. To such employees, a guard could be seen as just another person on the payroll that has to work to get their paycheck at the end of the month. Still, the security guard could be the only person who dares to save the lives of the staff when disaster strikes at the workplace at a time that everyone else scurries to safety.

Security Guards Offer Numerous Benefits

Crime Prevention

People have second thoughts about committing a crime when they spot a security guard in the area. Paranoia could also help to deter crime when a person thinks the guard is watching even when he is preoccupied elsewhere. However, there are those who have guts and will attempt to vandalize the premises or steal a product displayed for sale. However with the security guard always on the lookout for such people, they put your business in a position to immediately respond to various incidents which will mitigate potential damages.

Enhanced Customer Service

It is common to hear of a child getting lost in the mall or amusement park. While the parents frantically search for their child, security guards will most likely be the first to find him or her stranded and announce their custody of the lost child on the public address system to make it easier for the parents to recover them.

Moreover, how many times have customers visited a building and wandered around looking for a specific office? Usually, the first person they will turn to for help is the security guard who will provide directions to help them out.

Brand Awareness

Security guards don’t just look good in uniform; a company can use them to enhance its corporate image. Besides, a security guard in uniform who practices great communal works such as helping an old woman cross the road will do wonders for the reputation of your business. With a consciously-uniformed security guard, people will immediately associate such good deeds with the company.

Active Shooter Defense Options

Active shootouts are rare in Atlanta but still, they happen even in public places. In May 2018, there was a shooting incident near Mount Zion High School in Clayton which resulted in injuries to one woman and the death of another. Other incidents spanning from 2017 to 1999 include the shooting of a boy at Price Middle School, the killing of a man on the Savannah State University Campus and many more.

While such cases seem out of the norm, preparing security guards for such eventualities could save lives at private companies and public venues. Apart from guards, those running institutions including school administrators, church leaders or business executives can receive active shooter threat response training through programs offered by qualified instructors, like those employed by Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. A well-trained security guard has higher chances of stopping a shootout successfully, which will limit the potential for loss of life and subsequent liabilities.

Understanding Armed Security Guards

Determining whether or not to hire armed or unarmed security guards can be a tough decision. However, whether or not to prefer armed security guards depends on numerous factors which we’ve outlined below.

Propensity for Violence

Companies that have a past of violent outbreaks such as bars or nightclubs should employ an armed security guard. Also, some neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA are dangerous with the likelihood of people falling victim to violence being very high. Therefore operating a business in areas similar to Carter Street or Marietta Street should encourage a business owner to hire an armed security guard for preparedness’ sake. However, it is good to note that the sight of a gun could provoke violence hence keeping the firearms out of the public eye is may be advisable.

Type of Enterprise

To survive economically, businesses that deal in valuable goods must protect their products at all costs. A jewelry business or an art gallery may have millions of dollars in inventory, and an armed security guard will keep those valuables safe.

Armed security guards must pass two tests, firing range and written, with a minimum score of 80%. A business planning on having the guard carry a shotgun or other concealed weapon has to make a special request which details the intended duties of the guard and reasonable justification for certain firearms.

Unarmed Security Guards

Sometimes, businesses can remain relatively safe without the brandishment of weaponry or the need for lethal force. Some of the reasons that should motivate the hiring of an unarmed security officer include liability mitigation and budget controls.

Budget Limitations

In Atlanta, GA, an armed guard’s annual salary averages at $38,000 while an unarmed guard’s salary is around $25,000 per year. Therefore, a business that does not have much disposable income may have to make do with an unarmed guard. Besides, other costs such as insurance accompany armed guards and can take a toll on a business’s budget.

Minimize Liability

There are instances in which a master is liable for the actions of the servant. Therefore if an armed guard causes death or injury on the premises, the owner of the business can be held responsible. Firms that prefer to limit their exposure to such risks should employ unarmed guards to keep watch and should be provided with adequate communication tools should they need the assistance of local law enforcement.

Given the many benefits that businesses enjoy with trained security staff on site, any investment in safety is a worthy one that may save lives. From active shooter defense to ensuring the safety and protection of employees, customers, property, and the general public, the presence of security guards promulgates a stable and safe environment. If you have questions about hiring armed or unarmed security guards in Atlanta, GA, contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. today by calling us at 678-568-2257.

Whether you’re looking for a excellent security guard company in Atlanta, Dekalb, South Fulton, Roswell, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Marietta, Smyrna, Duluth, or College Park, you can count on Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. to be there when you need us. To get in touch with us, call us at 678-568-2257 at any time of the day or night.