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Nashville, TN Security Guard Services

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

Security Guards for Business & Residential Complexes

About our security guard services.

At Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. we specialize in providing security solutions for both private individuals and bustling companies throughout the Nashville, Tennessee region. We provide both armed and unarmed security guards who will be suited, in uniform, or in plain clothes (depending on client demands).

Our security officers are highly experienced. We’ve provided security coverage for birthday parties, political conventions, special events, concerts, residential living complexes, office buildings, industrial facilities, and construction sites.

We also provide theft-defense services for construction companies that need to protect equipment, new and used vehicle dealerships, places of worship, schools, and we also train our armed security guards in best practices for active-shooter response scenarios. Regardless of the reason or the threat which demands a security presence, you can rely on Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. to keep you, your property, and your people safe.

Getting to Know Us 

Nashville, TN Security Guard CompanyNationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. has been in operation as an incorporated entity since 1999 with some history prior to our incorporation. Such a history qualifies our firm as one of the most experienced security guard companies in Nashville.

Our agency is led by industry leading security experts who bring over 50 years of combined experience in the security & defense sector to bear for our clients. If you’re serious about putting your security concerns to rest, we are among the best security guard companies in Nashville to consider for your security response needs.

To contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. with inquiries related to your security needs or to schedule security guard services, contact us 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at 615-724-9996.

We’re Among the Top Security Guard Companies in Nashville

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

Nashville, TN Security Officers

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Security Guard Services Overview

  • Roving Property Patrols
  • Point-of-Sale & Retail Theft Prevention
  • Active Shooter Defense
  • Security Services for Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques
  • Security Guards for Office Buildings & Industrial Sites
  • Security for Construction Sites & Equipment
  • Ask about Fire Watch Guards & Bodyguard Services
  • Long & Short-Term Service Contracts
  • Armed & Unarmed Security Officers
  • Uniformed & Plain Clothes Guards
  • Trained for Special Events, Concerts, & Perimeter Controls

Video Overview of Our Company

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Nashville, TN has been a hub for exciting events for decades now. Due to its rich culture and history, the city tends to see many different acts and visitors every year. As one could imagine, the city gets busy, and with large crowds, the risk of crime and other such adverse events increase. When a business or event is unsafe for patrons who gather there, it could prove to be catastrophic for all parties involved. If you’re a business owner or event coordinator, it’s wise to hire security officers for special event security and to protect your business interests in Nashville.

Security Guards Help Small & Large Businesses

Retail Theft Defense

If you’re the owner or operator of a retail business in Nashville, you know the damages to your bottom line that shoplifting and theft can cause. Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. takes great pains to ensure that our employees are trained at identifying suspicious physical movements and theft schemes involving employees and multiple participants. If you’re looking for a solution for retail theft and vandalism, Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is ready to provide assistance.

Corporate Security

Depending on our client’s needs, security guards under our employ may be armed or unarmed, suited or uniformed, and trained to meet the specific needs of our client. Security guards have differing levels of training and certification. Security guards are deployed based on the type of establishment to be secured, assets to be protected, and level of security and training required to comply with Texas law as it relates to their job and duties.

For example, a security guard on duty at an industrial plant may have certifications which differ from those who patrol banking institutions, and they will certainly differ from a guard who is working as a front desk concierge.

Security Patrols for Property

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. provides roving patrol services for malls and businesses who operate in a large geographic area or on properties separated by large distances. We provide sentries, armed guards, foot patrols, and roving vehicle patrols. We also provide coverage for parking garages, parking lots, events, industrial sites, and we’re always happy to escort colleagues and other vulnerable staff to their vehicles during late nights at the office.

If safety is a concern in which professional assistance is needed, consider reaching out to Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. with any questions or service requests you may have.

Event Security

There are many benefits to hiring security for events, such as:

Safety First

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of hiring security is that it guarantees the safety of those attending and working the event. With crowds, it’s often necessary to have extra help controlling their movement. Crowd control helps events to run smoothly and safely. No one wants their event to become a safety concern. Hiring security guards is one of the best ways to prevent that. This is especially true for events where crowds may become rowdy, such as rodeos and music concerts. Anywhere there are groups of people; there should be extra security to help keep the event safe and under control.

Limit Police Involvement

Nashville is a busy city, and because of that, police are already working around the clock to keep citizens and visitors safe. Hiring security guards allows the police to keep doing their jobs without having to worry about staffing extra patrols in event areas. This guarantees the safety of residents and visitors alike, as the police could be where they need to be, and not playing security for events.

If a situation were to arise, the security officers could respond to the incident then call proper law enforcement to conclude the issue.

Order & Control

Security guards employed to patrol an event are crucial to keeping things running smoothly and orderly. Without security staff, crowds would run the show, which often could turn into a  bad thing. By hiring professional security guards in Nashville, you guarantee that the crowd and workers of the event will stay safe.

Overall, well-trained Nashville security guards help set the boundaries that will dictate the event. For instance, a lack of proper security would ultimately cause the crowd to enter restricted areas, which is a troublesome concept for nearly any event imaginable. Security guards help maintain order, and for any event, order is necessary.

In Case of Emergency  

Another aspect of hiring security guards for your event is should an emergency arise. Most security guards are trained to help with medical emergencies, which can happen at a crowded event. Proper security staffing may be the line between life and death should something arise. Aside from medical emergencies, security guards are also trained for violent situations.

Active Shooter Defense

In today’s world, there’s an increase of active shootings, especially at events, such as what happened in Las Vegas. Security guards are trained to handle active shooters and the aftermath of such occurrences. The guards will assist the crowd and guide them to safety as the police develop a presence in the area. Consider security guards to be like an extra arm of the police, especially during an active shooter scenario. With well-trained, armed security officers on-site, your customers and business will benefit due to the sense of safety and, should the unthinkable occur; you’ll have staff on site ready to defend the lives of your employees and customers.

Performer Security

Another important role for security guards at big events is protection and security for performers. Everyone wants to experience their favorite celebrity, and some will do just about anything to get close to them. Without trained security guards, performers will be exposed to crazed fans and other dangers. If a performer doesn’t feel safe enough to perform, they may refuse to, causing an upset and even revolt from patrons who are attending the event.

There are many benefits to hiring security guards to provide defense services for your home, business, or special event.

If you’re interested in obtaining a service quote or more information about our security guard services and patrol options in Nashville, TN, contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. immediately. The phone number to reach our staff at any time of the day or night is 615-724-9996.

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

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If you need to hire security guard officers in Nashville, Franklin, Pasquo, Ashland City, Ridgetop, Gladeville, Peytonsville, Brentwood, Kingston Springs, or elsewhere in the Nashville, TN general region, don’t hesitate to reach out to our management team at any time of the day or night. Our direct phone number is 615-724-9996.

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