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Phoenix Security Guard Services

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

Phoenix Security Guard Services

Armed, unarmed, and uniformed security officers.

Need to change security guard companies or schedule new service? Professional and reliable security guards services in Phoenix, AZ are only a phone call away. Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. provides highly trained, armed and unarmed security officers for our clients. When a security guard patrol is needed on a previously unsecured premise, it’s because there’s something there worth protecting. Our agents are trained to understand the importance of our client’s assets as opposed to merely clocking hours at a “job.”

Our agents understand the importance of their duties;

  • to protect people,
  • assets,
  • and to compliment the public safety efforts of state sanctioned law enforcement officers.

Some of our clients only need a temporary solution while others need a long-term solution. Regardless of the specific need for a security guard, we’ll make sure the concern is addressed.

We’re a Full-Service Security Guard Company

Security guard services in PhoenixNationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.’s security guard team is dynamic and trained to fulfill numerous roles and environment-specific demands. Our agents are ready to serve as doormen, traditional security guards, armed & uniformed security guards, Phoenix fire watch guards, bodyguards, office building patrols, special event security, parking lot and parking garage security, and are trained for industrial settings.

No matter the situation that created the need for dedicated security, we’re ready to partner with you to develop a rational of solutions.

Our security team is among the best trained in the nation. Unlike some of the less-tenured security guard companies in Phoenix, we understand the importance of the services we provide to our clients. If you need to discuss any form of security concern in the Phoenix, AZ region, or if you or your organization is ready to hire a security guard, call us at 602-600-0292.

Phoenix Security Officers

Overview of Security Guard Services

  • Security for Retail Establishments
  • Crowd Control Staff
  • Defense Against Property Damage and Vandalism
  • Armed Security Guards are Available
  • Uniformed or Suited Guards Available
  • Roving Property Patrols
  • Emergency & 24 Hour Service Available
  • Concert and Large Event Security
  • Construction Site & Equipment Security
  • Protect Assets, Staff, and Customers
  • Deter Criminal Activity

About Our Company

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Security Guards: An Overview

Security guards are people who risk their lives to protect members of the general public and the property of both private and public interests. Security officers normally don’t encounter threats while on the job but at times they must address problems when they occur. Businesses and public organizations in Phoenix, AZ need security services as a countermeasure for the increased instability in modern society.

Understanding the Role of Security Guards

To understand why security guards are important to society, you first must understand their purpose. A security guard is a person who has been hired to protect property from being robbed, destroyed or vandalized. They are also crucial for ensuring that customers, visitors and guests don’t get harmed while visiting or attending a public place.

In the past, security personnel were used by kings, wealthy citizens, rulers, merchants, local towns and various organizations for protection. This use of personalized force continues well into modern times. Governments have their security forces that protect properties and politicians, and judges. Companies maintain security forces to safeguard their employees, corporate assets and grounds.

Security personnel are an essential safety measure for public sporting events, nightclubs, public libraries, local schools and in any place where large amounts of people gather. They perform crowd control duties which often involve directing people away from restricted areas of large office buildings, malls, and arenas. They’re also essential for ensuring patrons remain in safe areas. Such a service is vital for premises where large crowds gather.

Throughout Phoenix, you’ll notice security guards who work with Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. at Cardinal & Suns games, and other professional sporting events as a compliment to licensed law enforcement officers. We also performed security guard services at museums and major shopping centers throughout the area.

What functions do security guard companies perform?

When a security guard from Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is on the job, we make sure that buildings and occupants under our care are safe. We won’t allow things to get out of control.

Phoenix security guards carry out their duties by monitoring property, neutralizing threats and more importantly, by developing a rapport with employees and visitors at the protected establishment. Establishing connections with clients, visitors and employees helps to give our security guards in Phoenix an edge in the event an incident occurs. Our security officers in Phoenix are dedicated to playing their part to ensure that your organization’s operation runs efficiently.

Professional security officers are also useful for support services, monitoring grounds and for escorting people through unsafe or dangerous areas such as a parking garage at night. Support services such as checking I.D.s an escorting people around premises can also be performed by guard personnel. They may also serve as sentries to guard the entrances of sensitive areas in buildings like hospitals or courthouses. Screening people and managing potential threats at venues and in buildings is easier when Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is on the job. We also provide overnight security guards who are useful for ensuring safety and deterring strangers and intruders.

Sometimes many problems can be resolved before they start by displaying a show of force. With armed or unarmed security guards present, people think twice before committing a crime or disturbance.

Security Guards Limit Business Liability Claims

Businesses are responsible for situations that occur on their premises. If a fight breaks out at a local business and no one in that business stops the conflict; that business might be held liable for the damages and medical expenses. The same is true when vagrants jeopardize, harass or bother customers. If someone’s possessions are stolen while on a business’s property, that enterprise could be held legally liable for not having preventative security measures in place.

On-Site Security Officers can Lower Insurance Rates

A business owner should inquire about lower insurance rates if they have security guards in place. When a business is constantly robbed and vandalized, their insurance rates could skyrocket. With security guards on duty, it could result in a premium reduction or low insurance rates due to limited risk and immediate response capacity.

Security Guards: First Line of Defense in a Crisis

One of the most important reasons for having a security guard is to save lives. While shootings and massacres have always happened within society; they’ve never happened at the frequency as they are today. Security officers represent an excellent defense option to counter a more violent and mentally disturbed population. The general public can’t and shouldn’t be forced to confront violent criminals and shooters at an event or public place.

If an active shooter or terrorist decides to assault a building or a venue, a security guard can be on the frontline ready to neutralize the threat. Security guard are useful in public venues and buildings. They can help direct people away from potential gunfire and slow down or hinder an assailant until law enforcement arrives. A security guard’s presence and training can make a difference which will save lives during an active shooter situation.

Armed Guards vs. Unarmed Security Personnel

CEOs and managers must make a decision hiring armed guards. If they choose to have unarmed security, they might carry non-lethal weapons that can subdue a person but not seriously injure or kill them. Unarmed security forces might work well in places where threats are minimal, but minor security is still needed.

Armed officers carry guns to protect property and people from vandalism, criminal activity, and assault. Organizations with an inherent high-threat level know the importance of staffing armed security personnel. Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.’s armed guards in Arizona are deployed in banks, to protect valuable transports of goods, and to protect people from threats posed by the criminal element.

Institutions such as high schools employ armed and unarmed security personnel for various reasons. In situations where a mix of armed and unarmed guards are used, the unarmed guards can handle usual security details while the armed guards focus on defending the school from violent attacks. A well-trained, armed security officer is the perfect first line of defense against school shooters. Schools in Phoenix, AZ often employ security guards for this purpose.

Have questions about hiring security guards in Phoenix? Call Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. today by calling our office directly at 602-600-0292.

If you’re looking for more information about our security guard services in Phoenix, or if you need a quick quote or are ready to hire a security guard, call Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. at 602-600-0292 to get started.

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