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Traits of Successful Security Professionals

Updated: Feb 6, 2020 @ 7:07 pm

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The private security guard industry is business’s way of doing its part to contribute to public safety. This contribution is realized by taking pressure off of law enforcement agencies while adding an additional layer of security for the interest of business and the general public.

In order for the private security industry to remain effective in its role, security contractors must ensure they staff and deploy only the most efficient and professional operatives to serve their clients. This article will cover the primary attributes of professional, successful security guards and operatives.

An Ability to Remain Calm Under Pressure

Any experienced security guard can vouch for the unpredictable nature of the job and their ability to have a lasting impact on the situation. It is important for security guards not to allow their emotions to dictate their actions and to be mindful of their role in society, their obligation to compliment public safety, their responsibility to represent not only their employer but their client business. Remaining calm under pressure is key to resolving most conflicts.

Professional security guards under the employ of Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. are trained & conditioned to remain calm under pressure.

Effective Communication Skills

The importance of effective communication skills among security officers is a mainstay of duty. The benefits of effective communication skills are as follows;

  • Documentation of Incidents,
  • Recorded Information for Litigation Purposes,
  • Limited Liability Concerns,
  • Hazardous Environments & Warning,
  • Hazardous Condition Reporting,
  • Public Safety & Emergency Response.

Adherence to Rules & Procedures

A professional security guard must adhere to applicable laws, their employer’s policies, and the policies and requests of the client. A failure to follow all rules & procedures could result in injury, death, or other liability concerns. Failure to follow all rules and procedures could result in legal consequences, termination of employment, and future career challenges.

Conflict Resolution Skills

For professional security guards that work in active environments like concerts, performances, government facilities and other places where large numbers varying cultures of people gather, conflict resolution skills are a must. Conflicts might occur in waiting lines, near celebrities, during product releases, or could happen when directing people from a hazardous area. The ability to resolve disputes, some of which may be justified, can go a long way to preventing property damage, injury, death, and legal liabilities.

Security guards under the employ of Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. are trained, coached, and tested and various conflict resolution strategies for a host of different situations ranging from parking space disputes to active shooter defense.

Continuing Skill Development

Male Security Guard Monitoring NetworkProfessionals in the security industry, along with traditional security guards, should periodically refresh their skills, undergo re-training, and remain familiar with changes in the technological landscape.

The dynamic nature of society warrants dynamic security professionals. For this reason, maintaining a high level of skill integrity is what sets the best security guard companies apart from the average run-of-the-mill security guard companies.

The same is true for what sets average security guards apart from the guards who earn an outstanding living.

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