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Prairie View A&M University Partners with Nationwide

Updated: May 27, 2024 @ 4:20 pm

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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. proudly announces its new partnership with Prairie View A&M University. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for our agency. It highlights our commitment to providing top-tier security solutions tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions.

Located just outside of Houston, Prairie View A&M University is the second-oldest public institution of higher education in the state of Texas. It’s a historically black college that, since its inception 1876, has opened its doors to any and every person – inside and outside of Texas – seeking a first-class, four-year university experience. The university has over 50 buildings on 1440 acres and is situated in a rural part of Texas on one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.

A New Era of Campus Security

The safety of students, faculty, and staff are of the utmost importance.

Prairie View A&M University LogoWith increasing concerns about campus security nationwide, Prairie View A&M University has taken a proactive step by entrusting its safety to Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. This partnership aims to create a secure, welcoming environment where academic excellence can thrive unimpeded by security concerns.

Prairie View A&M University is a historical pillar in higher education. It’s also a Texas landmark. The university stands as a beacon of history, knowledge and cultural significance. The university’s rich legacy makes it an imperative to maintain the highest standard of security possible.

By working with Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc., Prairie View A&M University underscores its dedication protecting the campus. Thus, allowing students to maintain a laser-like focus on their studies & potential.

Why Did They Choose Nationwide?

Tailored Security Solutions

We understand that educational institutions have unique security priorities. Our approach involved a thorough assessment of the campus. During the assessment we were focused on identifying potential vulnerabilities, and implementing comprehensive security measures.

These measures include state-of-the-art surveillance systems, on-site security officers, and emergency response protocols designed to handle any situation effectively.

Training and Community Engagement

Security isn’t just about having the right tools; it’s about people. Our security guards undergo rigorous training to handle a variety of situations. Their tasks range from routine patrols to emergency responses. Furthermore, we believe in fostering a strong relationship with the campus community. Regular workshops on safety practices can help empower students and staff to be active participants in maintaining campus security.

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Empowering Students & Staff

Although we’re the security experts, we know that security awareness is a collective responsibility. By conducting security workshops, we’ll have the opportunity to educate students & staff on best practices regarding safety. It’ll also give a chance to stress the importance of reporting suspicious activities, and how to effectively condone themselves during emergencies.

Proactive approaches like these not only enhance campus security but also instills a sense of responsibility among students & staff. It also makes students comfortable with approaching security guards to report incidents & request help.

By combining innovative security solutions with an understanding of campus dynamics, Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is setting a new standard for securing educational institutions.

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Looking Ahead

The partnership between Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. and Prairie View A&M University is more than just a contract; it’s a commitment to creating a more secure learning environment. We’re excited about the future and the positive impact this collaboration will have on the character of the university.

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