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Security Guards: Safeguarding Our Schools

Updated: Oct 22, 2023 @ 5:20 pm

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With the rising concerns for the safety of our educational institutions, it’s become apparent that school campuses are no longer just havens for learning; they must also be fortresses against potential threats.

At Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc., we’ve seen firsthand the significant impact of having security guards on duty to protect our young learners. If you have questions about hardening your defenses with professional security guards, contact us today.

Cameras Don’t Stop Crime

Security Guards Compliment Surveillance

Many educational institutions have surveillance cameras. While cameras are a deterrent, there’s nothing like the presence of a living, breathing security guard.

Security officers are not only a deterrent but also provide a sense of comfort to students & staff. For example, consider the student who walks late from the library back to her dorm. Knowing there’s a security guard nearby makes the journey feel safer.

Quick Response in Emergency Situations

Imagine a fire breaks out in a campus building. While fire watch services and alarms can alert occupants, a security guard can help to quickly guide students & staff to safety. This practice ensures orderly evacuation with a minimal risk of injury. During one incident at a college in the Midwest, a security guard was instrumental in saving lives by promptly responding to a gas leak before it escalated into an explosion. If the security guard wasn’t on duty, there’s no telling how much loss of life could have occurred.

Monitoring Entry and Exit Points

With the entry access monitoring technology we provide at Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc., our guards are better equipped to keep unauthorized personnel out. In many schools, especially in urban areas, we’ve seen unwanted visitors trying to gain access to these facilities. Having guards at these entry points ensures only authorized persons can enter.

Personal Protection for VIP Guests

Many universities often host VIP guests. These guests range from renowned authors to international dignitaries. Our personal protection officers ensure their safety during their stay. It’s not uncommon for high-profile visitors to draw crowds and sometimes, unwanted attention. Professional bodyguards are pivotal in these scenarios.

Deterring Misbehavior and Violence

In the everyday life of a school, disagreements can arise, and situations can escalate. Security guards act as mediators in these situations. Their mere presence can deter a potential fight or bullying incident. There’s a school in New York where a guard built a rapport with students, leading to a significant decrease in violent incidents.

Incident Investigations

Occasionally, there might be situations that require a deeper look, like thefts or suspicious activities. Our private investigations wing has often assisted schools in getting to the bottom of such issues. This additional work effort ensures a safe environment for everyone.

The Value of Security Presence for Education

Schools and campuses are places where the future is molded. Protecting them isn’t just about safeguarding buildings; it’s about ensuring a safe space for our next generation. At Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc., we believe that every student, teacher, and staff member deserves to feel safe and protected.

If you’re an administrator, a parent, or just someone concerned about the safety of our educational institutions, give us a call at 800-294-6042. We’re open 24/7, always ready to provide the best security solutions tailored to your needs. Remember, a quote is always free, be it over the phone or through our contact form.

Together, let’s make our schools and campuses safer spaces for everyone.

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