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The Benefits of Conflict Avoidance Training

Updated: Oct 22, 2023 @ 5:33 pm

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What is Conflict Avoidance?

Security guards need to determine how to handle situations accordinglyConflict avoidance also known as de-escalation refers to the tactic of defusing a situation by communicating with the aggravated party(s) in order to manage, control, and resolve their concerns/complaints. Ultimately, these actions should help reduce the party(s) agitation and potential for future aggression or violence. Dr Richards a clinical psychologist states that “de-escalation is the act of moving from a state of high tension to a state of reduced tension.”

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How is it Used?

Handling an agitated individualThere are a variety of different techniques when defusing a situation. Each one is different but should be custom fit with the difficult situation at hand. The overall arching theme is to control the situation with a calm understanding demeanor. Never insult the agitated party(s) and treat them with respect and empathy. Try to understand why they are agitated and clarify what has led them into their current state. Simply being heard and understood is sometimes enough to de-escalate a situation. If this still hasn’t eased tension, try to work on a solution together.  This is increasingly being taught to law enforcement officers around the U.S. “Throughout the history of law enforcement, we’ve had the idea of ‘never back down, never retreat,’ ” Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forté announced earlier this year. “We are encouraging and training our officers to use critical thinking and problem solving to avoid a situation in which they have to shoot someone to protect themselves.”

Understanding the Aggravated Party

A precipitating event has recently occurred, and the subject’s normal coping mechanisms have not worked to resolve the situation. The subject is acting and responding from an intense emotional level rather than a rational/thinking level, in response to a highly stressful situation.

Benefits of Conflict Avoidance

It increases safety for everybody including the distraught party(s). Learning de-escalation is not just beneficial for military, police, and security personnel. It can increase effectiveness in the workplace if implemented correctly by reducing job stress and increasing personnel happiness.

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