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Common Duties & Responsibilities of Security Guards

Updated: Jan 25, 2020 @ 6:39 am

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The main duties of a professional security guard are related to the main reason they’re hired; to keep private property and individuals safe.

Ensuring the safety of people and property from common & uncommon danger is carried out in many ways which include foot patrols, periodic perimeter checks, drone surveillance, CCTV surveillance, and monitoring motion detection alerts for an early warning of unauthorized intruders.

However, there are other dangers. Danger can show its face in many forms, of which many may not come to mind.

Some dangers like slippery floors, loose handrails, and fire or electrical shock hazards don’t come to mind when thinking of security guards but are also among the ways security guards keep us safe.

In fact, personal safety is one of the main reasons security guards are hired for special events; to keep people in the safe areas as opposed to the secondary goal of controlling crowd flow. In turn, this limits the financial liability of the hiring organization or individuals. In short, when a “professional” security guard does their job with excellence, the client benefits in more ways than one.

The Duties of Armed Security Guards

A Supplement to Public Safety

Armed security guards are a direct supplement to licensed law enforcement officers that are commissioned by government bodies. These professionals are highly trained, are often retired police officers, former military or future police officers, and future military. Armed security guards are authorized to use deadly force to protect persons and property and have arresting powers.

Armed security guards are often hired to protect banking establishments, high cash flow retail establishments, and commercial interests dealing in valuable goods.

Armed security officers under the employ of Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. often provide service to automobile dealerships, jewelers, shopping centers, high-risk residential living complexes, as active shooter defense operatives at government and private establishments like schools and churches, and special events.

The duties of a professional security guard include serving their clients, keeping people safe, documenting incidents, maintaining a high level of professional integrity, and demonstrating excellence.

A Commitment To Excellence

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

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Common Duties & Responsibilities of Security Guards

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