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Could Executive Protection Be Right for You?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020 @ 5:01 pm

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What is Executive Protection?

Executive Protection (EP) also known as close protection or VIP protection, refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of individuals or groups who may be exposed to an elevated risk based on their employment, social status, net worth, affiliations, and/or geographical location.

How is risk mitigated?

Risk Mitigation encompasses a wide variety of preventative protective measures which may include but is not limited to, home security systems, bodyguards, vehicle scramble plans, mail screening systems, personnel background checks, and travel discretion. Every situation is different and requires customization based on circumstances pertaining to the client.

Can one EP agent do all this by himself?

The short answer is no. Usually in extreme risk scenarios, EPs work in teams performing a variety of roles. Those roles can include detail leaders, tactical commanders, motorcade leads and drivers, advanced security, mobile agents, static agents, and Intelligence agents. All of them performing separate duties with the common goal of keeping the client(s) from harm.

How Are Executive Protection Agents Trained?

Most EPs are former law enforcement or military personnel. Along with their former training they also get training in protective invisibility (staying out of sight until needed), advanced preparations, intervention strategy, threat assessment, protective hardware, marksmanship, and early ambush assessment. Then there is more specific training in the field they are specialized in.

Who need Executive Protection?

When considering EP, it is essential to take into consideration cost, possible threats, who is vulnerable to kidnapping, and is there travel abroad? Most likely these variables will point to top-level executives, politicians, celebrities, dignitaries, athletes, very wealthy individuals, and VIP’s. Anybody considering EP should also think about loved ones who may be vulnerable as well.

Need Executive Protection?

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If Executive Protection seems a little extreme for you, we offer a wide range of other protective services including bodyguards, security guards, and access/monitoring systems.

Could Executive Protection Be Right for You?

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