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Considering a Career in the Security Industry?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020 @ 2:49 pm

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Jobs in the security industry continue to grow in demand. When it comes to personal protection of property and assets, security services are always the solution. Because of this demand, jobs in the security industry remain abundant. The presence of security officers creates peace of mind and a sense of safety, security, and the presence of security personnel is often a deterrent to crime and other problems. Such apparent benefits is why the security sector will continue to grow.

Security Guards

Security guards working in surveillance roomOne of the main motivations for hiring security personnel is to prevent theft and maintain safety. A security officer’s typical responsibilities include patrolling property and entry points, monitoring surveillance equipment, inspecting buildings as well as equipment. These actions help prevent theft which limits losses and reinforces policies and procedures.

Average Pay & Job Requirements

The average salary for security guards ranges from $19K to $39K. These base salaries often include bonuses and profit sharing which can range from $10K to $50K. Security personnel of all types are generally required to have a standard skill set which includes the following;

  • Physical fitness and strength
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to deal with difficult/confrontational people
  • The ability to respond positively to stressful situations
  • A heightened sense of awareness

Armed Security Officers

Some situations call for armed security guards. The possibility or threat of physical violence or some other danger often dictate whether or not a company will deploy armed guards. However, although armed guards perform the same essential functions as security officers, they differ in that they carry a weapon and have more extensive training with an advanced skillset. Armed guards are commonly on duty for private companies, banks, armored car services, retails shops, and security firms. The average salary for an armed guard ranges from 21k to 47K annually. However, those numbers can vary based on bonuses and profit sharing options as well as the particular industry.

Unlike unarmed security guards, armed guards must meet more requirements. One significant condition is licensure after completing security guard training. Also, armed guards must pass a background check and a drug test as well. A license to carry a firearm is also required. Some states require armed security guards to obtain a permit for a baton, chemical spray and stun gun.

Current Trends in the Security Industry

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the security industry will continue to grow by twelve percent through the year 2024. Also, worldwide trends and technological innovations will continue to impact the security industry, just as they do other industries.

However many of the trends and changes have already made it easier to keep both buildings and people secure. The increased use of smart technology for monitoring and managing the security workforce, GPS tracking, and real-time incident reporting have made it easier to track employee accountability. Plus, integrating apps with employee smartphones has made it much more efficient to communicate with employees and share information. The impact of technology alone has helped shape and reshape the security industry by improving many processes that were previously time-consuming and tedious as well as creating a need to train more tech-savvy employees.

The security industry continues to evolve and transform with the passage of time and the impact of current world trends. However, specific core skills and needs remain evergreen to all security personnel. The demand for security personnel with excellent written and verbal communication skills, problem-solving skills, heightened awareness, the ability to deal with conflict and confrontation, as well as a whole host of other core skills continues to remain constant and unchanging. These skills represent the foundation for all security personnel although current trends require that security personnel update their arsenal of abilities to reflect growing world trends.

Considering a Career in the Security Industry?

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