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Physical Security Is Just As Important As Cybersecurity

Updated: May 29, 2020 @ 4:27 pm

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Our society is steadily switching to a cyber dominate workplace. This means that the demand for cybersecurity is exponentially growing as well. This leads to many companies overlooking their physical security in an effort to keep up with the ever-changing online world. Just like cybersecurity, physical security helps protect assets from threats and theft. It also helps Security guards working in surveillance roommaintain the well-being of employees and fosters a safer work environment. Excuse the cliche, but “a happy employee is a productive employee.” Physical security refers to any measures taken to deny unauthorized access, to keep personnel and property from harm or damage, and to prevent any theft. These are essential to keep any business, however large or small, running smoothly. Below are some security tips for small to moderate size businesses.

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Install a culture of security and safety within your organization. “An organization’s employees are its first line of defense”, according to Malcolm Harkins, chief security and trust officer at Cylance. Disgruntled employees are a large concern and are the leading cause of office theft.

Security gates and doors prevent any unauthorized access to locations such as the systems infrastructure and staff parking lots. Systems that require access cards are now Security and Camera Systemscommonplace. In conjunction with monitoring systems such as CCTV cameras create a safe work environment and protect assets.

Having a security team or a single security officer on-site is a proactive approach. Security officers are trained in conflict avoidance. They not only protect companies from outside threats but also from internal disputes. They protect employees from other employees and can greatly diminish office harassment.

Focus your attention on your server room. The best cybersecurity still cannot prevent employees from accessing information straight from the source. It is said roughly 50% of data breaches are from within the company. Restricting access to your vital systems greatly reduces that risk. While securing this does come at a cost, it pales in comparison to the cost that you would incur if your server rooms are breached.

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