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Top 7 Reasons Private Detectives are Hired

Updated: Aug 16, 2021 @ 6:32 am

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In many instances, unknown factors may present risks to a business or private individual. In such circumstances, passive security measures such as hiring professional and experienced private investigators to uncover hidden truths and various unknowns may be required. Information is power, and it is better when that kind of power is in your hands.

When is it Best to Hire a Private Detective?

Pre-Employment & Executive Background Screening

Everyone has secrets and sometimes, these can not only harm the person trying to hide them, but also those around them.

For instance, when you’re recruiting new hires to fill vacant positions in your company, preventing the hire of a toxic employee could pay great dividends by way of avoiding the criminal element, maintaining high ethical standards, and by keeping your tenured employees and customers safe. Employing the services of a private investigator can help you make the right decision about which potential new member of your organization to accept which ones to deny. Decisions that align with your business’s interests are as good for business as preemptively parrying an internal corporate disaster.

Divorce Settlements & Civil Cases

If you suspect infidelity in your marriage and you’re interested in filing for divorce, the family court judge will require more evidence than your suspicions alone. Even with the legal counsel of a skilled and seasoned divorce lawyer, you’ll be better off and far more formidable with the information and insight that private investigators can dig up for you.

Insurance claims

Snooping Private EyeIn 1999, Steven G. Cooperman would have defrauded the insurance company of $10 million after claiming that his Monet and Picasso paintings were stolen yet he gave the art to his lawyer to hide instead.

Although it took over five years to uncover the truth about the art theft scheme, an accomplished private investigator would have completed the investigation much faster, saving the insurance company from the expense of considerable resources.

Finding Missing Persons & Lost Contacts

You may be trying to track down a long lost friend, love, or just found out you have six months to live, yet the only living relative you can leave your estate to, is missing. The slightest details you extend to an investigator could be enough to find them.

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. has assisted numerous families and individuals in this manner. If you need to talk with a skilled private eye, call us at 1-800-294-6042 or send us a message.

Corporate Fraud & Embezzlement Investigations

If your accountant can’t answer all the financial questions raised in the board meetings, it’s time to seek answers on your own. A private investigator can investigate everyone in the company (including the accountant) and have the ability to uncover hidden assets, bank accounts, and other need-to-know tangibles.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Eye

There’s Security In Knowing

Corporations are more secure when their employees are vetted and screened. For a private individual, dating a person whose past will haunt you later can be avoided with the assistance of a private detective. The truth of the matter is that it’s best to know the unknowns than to not know about’em.

Evidence Gathering

Evidence GatheringIn court proceedings related to child custody disputes, insurance claims, criminal justice, and divorce cases, a private investigator might be just the person you need to get the evidence you’ll need to give your side the edge.

A private investigator has the necessary skills and training to conduct thorough investigations without compromising their integrity. Besides, they have the tools needed for you to utilize their work-product in your interests. We’re licensed private investigators so any evidence or data we obtain on your behalf will be admissible in court.

Need Private Investigation Services?

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