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We at Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. understand that when a fire alarm system malfunctions, or if a sprinkler system or other fire protection system fails testing or needs maintenance, that it could result in a catastrophic loss of business if the fire-marshal orders the building or premise evacuated for safety reasons. If a situation like this arises, the best workaround is to hire the services of licensed and trained fire-watch guards, or “fireguards” as a temporary stand-in for the system.

Fire Watch Guards Ensure Fire Protection

Dallas Fireguard & Fire Watch ServicesFailure to comply with the fire marshal’s evacuation orders could result in massive fines, and complying will result in profit loss for the building owner and their tenants. This is especially true for large office towers, large shopping centers, industrial facilities, and educational campuses in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

There’s no need to evacuate a building or stop the normal flow of business when the safety concerns of the fire marshal can be resolved with the hiring of temporary fireguards.

If you need to discuss hiring fireguards or if immediate services are needed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ve helped numerous business owners and property managers to remain in compliance with fire safety regulations in spite of woes related to their fire-safety systems. If you have questions or need a quick service quote, call our Dallas, TX office at 469-434-3580.

Dallas Fire Watch Services

Fireguard Fire Protection Overview

  • Around the Clock Fire Watch Security
  • Fireguards for “hot work” Industrial or Construction Sites
  • OSHA-Certified Safety Consultants Available
  • Operational Security for Fire Detection Systems
  • Fire Watch Services During Maintenance & Malfunctions
  • Professionally Trained, Licensed Staff
  • Services for Nightclubs, Large Campuses, EDM Festivals
  • Services for Concerts & Large Public or Private Crowds
  • Identification & Immediate Reporting of Fire Hazards
  • Prevent Mandatory Evacuations
  • Periodic Property Patrols

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Call Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. at 469-434-3580 to learn more about our fireguard services in Dallas, TX. We provide no-obligation service quotes, immediate service, and flexible terms. 24 hour, 7 day per week fire protection services are available.

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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is ready to immediately deploy trained fireguards in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Services are available throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Garland, Plano, Irving, Grapevine, or Farmers Branch and nearby areas. For more info, call 469-434-3580.

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