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Fireguard Services in San Francisco

Protecting You & Your Assets from Flash Fires & Fire Hazards

Nationwide Security & Investigations, Inc. is licensed, insured, and is known as one of the most innovative fire watch companies in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Our fireguard staff are trained in early fire hazard detection, OSHA compliant record keeping, and are committed to providing our clients with an excellent customer service experience.

The licensed fire watch officers on our staff are experienced with regard to providing fireguard services to businesses and residential complexes in need of immediate fire safety protection while their fire safety system is installed or repaired.

Who Needs Fireguards?

San Francisco Fire Watch & Fireguard ServicesFire marshals will require buildings over a certain capacity limit, in certain locations, or with certain purposes, to have automated digital fire alert systems, fire alarms and sprinkler systems. If one or more of these systems malfunctions, needs repair, is being installed in a new facility, or fails an inspection, the fire marshal may require the building or facility to be vacated until it can meet the compliance requirements of the fire code. Such a reality could prove to be a catastrophe for some businesses, office buildings, highrises or residential living communities and their tenants.

By hiring fireguards to stand-in for the early warning systems, a building or facility shutdown can be avoided.

We provide our clients in the Bay Area with excellent fireguard-staff, quality security guard services, and we’re able to deploy immediately. If you have questions about our fire watch services, need a quote, or if you’re ready to get started, call us at 415-801-0166.

San Francisco Fire Watch Services

Fireguard Service Overview

  • Fire Watch Guards are Licensed & Trained
  • OSHA Compliant Record Keeping
  • Professional Log Maintenance
  • Services for Office Towers & Office Parks
  • Fireguards for Construction & Industrial Sites
  • Hot-Worksite Support
  • Support for Concerts & Pyrotechnic Events
  • Support for Movie Sets & Nightclubs
  • Hospital & School Campus Support
  • Short Term & Long Term Services Available
  • Support for Wooded Areas & Parks

Video Overview

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Nationwide Investigation & Security, Inc.’s phones are answered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and we provide services on short notice. If you have any questions about our company, or if you’re ready to schedule fireguard service in San Francisco or elsewhere in the Bay Area, call us at 415-801-0166.

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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. provides excellent fireguard services throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area region. If you’re looking for service on short notice or have questions, call us at 415-801-0166.

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