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If you’re the owner or operator of a building, office tower, or any facility that usually has over 100 people working, living or transiting it, FDNY will require the facility to adhere to strict fire safety standards which will include fire detection alarms, a sprinkler or other fire retardant system, and notification alarms.

If any of these systems fail, require repair or maintenance, or have yet to be installed, you’ll need to hire FDNY certified fireguards to ensure fire safety for the benefit of the building, the public, and nearby structures. Otherwise, the Fire Marshal may order the premise to be vacated of occupants. Even if there’s a public performance, NYC fire codes will require fireguards to be onsite.

We Operate on Short Notice & In Emergencies

New York City Fire Watch Guard Services in NYCIf you need to talk with a professional about hiring fireguards on a temporary or long-term basis in New York City, Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is ready to provide fire watch services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. provides trained and experienced fireguards to our clients in and around New York City. We usually provide fireguard services for public performances, concerts, special events, construction sites, renovation sites, shipyards, retail establishments, schools and some government facilities. We also staff OSHA trained and certified fire watch guards for industrial facilities and hotwork construction sites.

If you need to hire a fireguard immediately, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. To contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. regarding inquiries, service quotes, or to schedule service, contact our office at 646-760-1484 at any time of the day or night.

New York City Fireguard Services

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

Fireguard Service Overview

  • FDNY Certified Fireguards
  • Fire Watch Services for Construction Sites
  • Support for Large Buildings & Office Towers
  • Fireguards for Office & Industrial Parks
  • Support for Sporting Events
  • Support for Special Events & Concerts
  • Support for Hotwork Sites
  • Roving Patrols on 15 Minute Intervals
  • Immediate Documentation & Reporting of Fire Hazards
  • Fire Watch Guards for Residental & Commercial Facilities
  • 24 Hour & Short Notice Service Available

Company Overview

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If you have questions for our management team or would like to hire experienced fireguards in New York City, feel free to contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. at any time of the day or night. The phone number for our office is 646-760-1484.

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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. provides its clients with outstanding fireguard services throughout Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and throughout the general New York City area. Whether you need service immediately or would like ask questions of our management team, we invite you to call us at 646-760-1484.

New York Fire Protection News


  • SI firefighter charged with DWI crashed car, fled scene: cops March 17, 2019
    An off-duty firefighter drunkenly smashed into a building in Staten Island and then ran from the wreck, police said. A photo snapped by the Post shows a totaled two-door, red car with the front end caved in and windows shattered. Omar Juarez-Rivera, 27, was arrested shortly after at his home, police said. He faces charges...
  • Judge OKs FDNY widow’s lawsuit over deadly Harlem movie set fire March 15, 2019
    A Manhattan judge on Thursday refused to toss a firefighter widow’s wrongful-death lawsuit stemming from a Harlem blaze on the set of Edward Norton’s “Motherless Brooklyn.” “Motion denied,” Manhattan Supreme Justice Alan Marin barked following tense arguments between lawyers for the estate of Lt. Michael Davidson and film company Class 5 Inc., which sought to...
  • Brooklyn firefighter finally fired after third domestic violence arrest March 9, 2019
    The FDNY has finally fired its alleged woman-beater smoke-eater. Brooklyn firefighter Clyde Phillips was axed Wednesday after his third arrest stemming from charges of domestic violence, The Post has learned. Phillips was charged on Feb. 23 in Caldwell, NJ with contempt for violating a New York City restraining order put in place after a 2018...
  • Overtime cap lifted for understaffed, overworked EMTs March 9, 2019
    The city’s ambulance corps is so busy that an overtime cap applying to all other agencies has been lifted and medics are routinely putting in 60 and 70-hour weeks, union officials said. Normally, city workers can’t make more than 40 percent of their salary in overtime. However, with just 4,133 emergency medical technicians and paramedics...
  • NYC sees highest number of fire deaths in a decade March 7, 2019
    Fires killed 88 people in New York City in 2018, the most in more than a decade, FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said on Thursday. Testifying before the City Council’s Fire and Emergency Management Committee about the FDNY’s new $2.1 billion budget, Nigro called the surge from 73 deaths in 2017 “a concerning development.” The last...
  • FDNY inspector filed false violations: officials March 5, 2019
    A former FDNY inspector was arrested Tuesday for filing false reports after officials said he issued summonses to properties that he never visited. The Department of Investigation said cellphone records show the now-retired inspector, Barry Parmanan, 64, issued violations between December 2017 and March 2018 for properties in Washington Heights when his cellphone showed he...
  • Queens blaze that killed boy was in an illegally converted apartment March 4, 2019
    An 8-year-old Queens boy died Sunday when the illegally converted attic apartment were he lived was engulfed in a massive blaze — which also injured six others, including two of the youngster’s brothers, who leaped out a window to escape, officials and neighbors said.