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If you’re the owner or operator of a building, office tower, or any facility that usually has over 100 people working, living or transiting it, FDNY will require the facility to adhere to strict fire safety standards which will include fire detection alarms, a sprinkler or other fire retardant system, and notification alarms.

If any of these systems fail, require repair or maintenance, or have yet to be installed, you’ll need to hire FDNY certified fireguards to ensure fire safety for the benefit of the building, the public, and nearby structures. Otherwise, the Fire Marshal may order the premise to be vacated of occupants. Even if there’s a public performance, NYC fire codes will require fireguards to be onsite.

We Operate on Short Notice & In Emergencies

New York City Fire Watch Guard Services in NYCIf you need to talk with a professional about hiring fireguards on a temporary or long-term basis in New York City, Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. is ready to provide fire watch services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. provides trained and experienced fireguards to our clients in and around New York City. We usually provide fireguard services for public performances, concerts, special events, construction sites, renovation sites, shipyards, retail establishments, schools and some government facilities. We also staff OSHA trained and certified fire watch guards for industrial facilities and hotwork construction sites.

If you need to hire a fireguard immediately, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. To contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. regarding inquiries, service quotes, or to schedule service, contact our office at 646-760-1484 at any time of the day or night.

New York City Fireguard Services

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

Fireguard Service Overview

  • FDNY Certified Fireguards
  • Fire Watch Services for Construction Sites
  • Support for Large Buildings & Office Towers
  • Fireguards for Office & Industrial Parks
  • Support for Sporting Events
  • Support for Special Events & Concerts
  • Support for Hotwork Sites
  • Roving Patrols on 15 Minute Intervals
  • Immediate Documentation & Reporting of Fire Hazards
  • Fire Watch Guards for Residental & Commercial Facilities
  • 24 Hour & Short Notice Service Available

Company Overview

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If you have questions for our management team or would like to hire experienced fireguards in New York City, feel free to contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. at any time of the day or night. The phone number for our office is 646-760-1484.

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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. provides its clients with outstanding fireguard services throughout Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and throughout the general New York City area. Whether you need service immediately or would like ask questions of our management team, we invite you to call us at 646-760-1484.

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