Security Tips For Travelers

While traveling for a holiday or vacation, security is not the thing that comes to mind. In fact it is something you wouldn’t even pay attention to. But it is better to be safe than sorry. Learning about a few tips can keep your family safe.

Many fraud cases happen while traveling. Since you don’t know the place as well as the locals do, you might be more prone to risks. Crimes such as pick pocketing and theft are common even in popular tourist areas.

Our Travel Security Checklist

Here are a few points to think about when you are traveling with your family:

  • Avoid having a lot of cash with you as this attracts unnecessary attention. It also makes you a target for pickpockets. Use credit cards instead.
  • Don’t bring unnecessary things with you. Only keep things that are essentials.
  • Protect your phones with passwords. Add tracking feature to your phone, so that it can be tracked in case of theft.
  • Keep your passport at the hotel where it is safe. Make an electronic copy of your documents instead.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi whenever you can.
  • For ladies, take a cross body bag with a thick strap. This makes sure that your bag is safe.
  • Don’t give too much information to strangers. Beware of people who are being extra nice to you for no reason at all.
  • Be careful in public places. Make sure your family is with you at all times. Have one member of the family (a parent) look after the kids and another who buys tickets, food etc.

  • Avoid wearing heavy jewelry that may make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Research about the place where you are staying. Before exploring the place/city, understand and have a look at the map so that you know the way around the place in case you are lost.
  • Avoid carrying anything in your back pocket. It is easier to take something out of your back pocket with you even noticing.
  • Make sure that you have a travel insurance.
  • Keep your children and family members within sight. Do not let them wander off especially the young ones.
  • When traveling with kids security matter, keep a recent photo of the day with you on your phone. This makes it easier for other people to recognize your place.
  • For younger kids who can’t remember phone numbers, you can write your phone number on a bracelet. So in case they are lost, someone may find them and call you immediately.
  • Have a meeting with your kids to tell them to be wary of strangers and other people.


While you’re gone away, your house also needs to be protected. Have a friend or a relative, check in your house regularly to make sure everything is alright. Also before you leave, make sure to stop mail delivery to your house.

Security Tips For Travelers

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