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Chicago Fire Guard Services

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If you’re the owner or manager of a building, office tower, construction site or another premise in Chicago which requires a fire safety or sprinkler system that has malfunctioned, you’ll need fireguards to perform fire watch duties to remain compliant with the rules and regulations set forth by the Chicago Fire Prevention Bureau.

Otherwise, the fire marshal may demand the immediate evacuation of the premise which could prove catastrophic for the business, the experience of the tenants, and the economic bottom line of the facility and all those involved with it.

Fire prevention is worth every penny.

Chicago Fire Watch Guard ServicesFires destroy billions of dollars worth of property and kill thousands of people on an annual basis. Many of these fires could have been prevented or immediately addressed with the use of a fire alarm system, a fire sprinkler system, or by having a fire watch guard on duty that’s charged with tending and monitoring areas in the facility that may be prone to fire hazards. Even if a fire alarm system is undergoing maintenance or repairs, local municipalities and the fire marshal may require fireguards to stand-in for an alarm system that’s down temporarily for the sake of safety.

Nationwide Investigations & Security Inc. has come to the aid of numerous Chicago property & business owners who have needed immediate fireguard services to keep their properties operational. We’ve helped with residential, commercial, and industrial properties. If you’re interested in scheduling service, obtaining a non-obligatory quote, or if you have questions for us, call us at 773-231-5588.

Our phones are answered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Chicago Fire Guard Services

Fireguard Service Overview

  • Fire Watch for Construction Sites
  • 24 Hour & 7 Day Service Available
  • Periodic Property Patrols
  • Immediate Incident Reporting
  • Support for Abandoned or Vacant Properties
  • Industrial, Residential, and Commercial Properties
  • All Fire Guards are Licensed & Trained
  • “Hot Work” Site Certified
  • OSHA Complaint
  • Fire Prevention Bureau Approved
  • Hospital, Schools, Special Events

Company Overview

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If you have questions for our management team or would like to hire fire watch security in Chicago, feel free to contact Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. at any time of the day or night. The phone number for our office is 773-231-5588.

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Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. provides its clients with outstanding fireguard services throughout Chicago, Joliet, Aurora, Arlington Heights, Bolingbrook and rest of the Chicagoland region. Whether you need service immediately or would like to satisfy your inquiries with our management team, we invite you to call us at 773-231-5588.

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