Your Smart Devices Are Not That Smart

Today’s world is the world of the internet. Everything here is connected to the internet. There might be the rare things that are not connected with the internet. From home’s doorbell to the kitchen appliances everything is connected with the internet. From far away from your homes, you can control the refrigerator’s temperature. If you have a chicken in the oven, you can control its cooking time while sitting in your bedrooms and so. But not all smart devices are safe to use. There might be difficult in patching, the passwords can easily be guessed or these smart devices can be with lack of encryption. When you want the safety as well as wants to live a life of comfort when it’s essential to educate everyone at your home that how to use these smart devices safely and securely.

There are many ways in which you can protect your family from keeping your family date safe and secure by safeguarding your home’s smart devices. Let’s see what smart devices are common in our homes and how these devices can be hacked to collect your important data.

Smart LED lights:

These lights can be controlled by the radio signals and its colours can be changed as well as the light intensity can also be controlled. So if hackers get the reach to it, they can control it and before entering the homes can turn it off by taking over the complete control over it.

Security cameras:

Security cameras can also be hacked by the hackers through brute force attack and the thieves can take an idea of your homes then. Not only this will have they also obtained the important information about your family through your security cameras.

Smart Bluetooth locks:

If you have the smart Bluetooth locks installed at your main doors then don’t be relaxed. You are still in the state of risk. The hackers with the Bluetooth capabilities will easily hack the lock by gaining the access to Bluetooth energy ID.


Thermostats that can be controlled through the internet can be the risk for you as if hackers got the access to them they can control the temperature of your homes giving the harm to your children at homes.

Digital speakers:

There is a variety of digital speakers that come in different sizes. Despite their cute body structures, they come with the greater risks as well. These speakers, even when turned off, can be controlled by others. They can hack the music files or the TV programs and can also listen to the talks at the background.


Hackers when hacking the routers, they are actually carrying out” man in the middle attacks”. Like by creating fake login pages they will hack all your important data.

Smart cars:

You have a smart car? You control it through a remote? That’s cool! But do you know that you are actually controlling your car through the radio waves? So if hackers get the access to your car remotes through car infotainment systems, they will easily control your car doors, breaks and engines.