Secret DIY Hiding Tricks That Make You Smart

Wants to hide your cash and the important things from others, try out these smart DIY tricks to dodge even the Smart people. These smart tricks will protect your valuables from the most determined crooks.

So let’s get started.

Rolls in the Roll:

Did you ever think that what else your toilet paper spring bars can serve you other than just holding your toilet papers? Well those spring bars can be used to hide your cash or any other important document. Just roll the cash and document and insert in the spring rolls. After this close the bars’ end and hang the toilet paper on it so no one can have the idea that there is something in it.

Tape your belongings at the back of the drawer:

Well the drawers don’t go all the back to the cabinet, there is always a good space in between. This space is of great use if you want to hide your cash or any important document. Just put the cash or paper in the envelope and tape it at the back of the drawer. So when someone tries to find your cash in the drawers, they won’t get it anyway.

Burry your stuff in cat litter tubs:

Well that’s seems to be nasty but you can go for it. Take a deep tub and put your important stuff in it which is covered with tape to keep it ok and pour the cat litter on it. No one can ever have the idea that where your all cash go.

In the tricky study room:

A study room full of books can also be a safe place to hide your stuff. Take the books of same bindings and of same sizes, glue them up tightly and cut them in a way that it looks like a 3 side box. Place it between the other books and there you go. Now you can hide your important stuff in this box and no one can get to know about them.

Good venting can secure you.

Your home dryer vent hood is even not a useless spot. You can also hide your spare keys in it. Glue the magnet to the spare keys. If even the hood is not of aluminum you can still hide your spare keys in it by hanging the keys inside the hood.

Magic marker safe:

Did you think that your study table can be a place to hide your cash? Well think again. It’s not that hard. A board marker in your stationary cup can also be a useful thing to hide in your cash. Pop the end cap off a marker and remove the ink foam. Roll your cash and insert in the marker. Now pop in the cap to close it. And this way you secured your money from your siblings.

Do you know any more tricks to hide your money and important documents from others? Tell us!