Millions of People Got Affected by the Facebook Security Breach

On September 28, a Facebook security breach was revealed and millions of accounts at the social network were affected by this. The news got out when an investigation was done to see whether the world’s largest social network are compiled with tough new European Union privacy regulations or not. As a result what happened was that the Hackers took the advantage of the Complex Interactions between three software bugs.

How the hackers do got the chance to do so? Well this question raised everywhere. On September 16 Facebook noticed a spike in the activity. This put the Facebook in doubt and they move forward to investigate the bug. On September 25, Facebook engineers got to know that hackers had attacked the vulnerability of Facebook.

But what makes the hackers to do that, the other question that was raised. Well, the vulnerability was created when Facebook launched a video uploading feature in 2017. The flaws were in “See As” feature that allows the Facebook users to see how their profiles appear to other people’s social network. Second reason was the “Access Tokens” feature which let the users stay connected to their accounts like they don’t have to enter the passwords again for their next visits to their profiles.

Due to these features, Hackers were able to steal the copies of the digital keys and in this way, they got access to the accounts of millions of people and so become their legitimate owners.

Though the bugs were fixed and stolen access tokens were made useless two days later they were hacked. Facebook did not disclose the news earlier when the hackers first took the advantage of the flaws but later when investigations were done and the problem was resolved the incident was reported in the final reports of the investigation.