Some of the home security gadgets for your peace of mind

Spending a lot of money on your home security seems to be hard but trust me it’s just the one time investment. You might not be ready to put your price in security systems but to keep your homes safe and secure for you and your kids is also necessary. This will give you a peace of mind and at least you don’t have to worry about your homes when you are out. While considering all the home security issues, the security experts have paved a path to the new high-tech security world. Many advanced security gadgets are being introduced and many more have to come. They are easy to use, are handy and give a trendy look. Few of them are discussed below:

Ring Doorbell

It’s a doorbell with a small camera on it. It helps you see who’s outside the door while sitting in your bedrooms. It’s easy in use. When you have installed it you just have to download the app in your phones and connect your gadget with the app. Even if you are out and someone rings at your door, it will notify you on your phones and then you will be able to see who is at your door.

Touchscreen Deadbolt

Many of us are habitual of forgetting keys, either inside the homes or where you work. To avoid this they then make the duplicates or hide the keys near the main doors. But that’s not the safe solution. To secure you and your homes security experts have made a digital code lock – Touchscreen Deadbolt. You need no more keys now. Save the security code in the digital lock and secure your homes. The plus point is that you can even have more than one security codes.

Belkin NetCam (HD + Wi-Fi camera)

This is a small size camera with HD view. This camera helps you in viewing your homes’ activities. Who got outside? What your kids are doing? How your maid is doing her job? You can have an eye on with this little cute gadget. You just need to connect it with Wi-Fi, install the app in your phones or tablets and there you go. With this camera you’ll have a peace of mind at your work.

MyQ Garage

Did you forget to lock the door before coming to office and your kids sleeping inside? Well worry no more. Install the MyQ Garage. This will help you in making your doors locked if you forget it to. Once installed and connected with your phones, door locking is more a tension. With just a swipe on your phone screen the door is locked. Isn’t it cool?


Canary is more than a security camera. Besides giving you a clear view of your home it has an alarm which is activated when it see something fishy is going on. It also helps you connect with the police if needed. Not only has this it also helps you in monitoring the health of your home like keeping you update with your homes’ air quality, temperature and humidity.

These gadgets might be small in size but are very helpful and also look attractive. So why not buy these security gadgets with style statements.