Fingerprint Smart Locks

Technology has changed the world a lot. With the advancement in the security systems, thieves are also getting smart. We see many security systems that have failed to prove themselves as being the smart security tool. Either your passwords got hacked or someone was successful to dodge your smart home security systems. But technology has no chill. If one tool is failed to secure you, another tool with the more advanced technology is brought forward. Experts have now come up with the smart lock that runs with your fingerprints. Let us have a look to them.


A durable smart biometric lock designed for urban cyclists who no longer want to tie up their cycles with the key locks. The Grasp lock is best for them. It has come up with the incredible user finger recognition design. Users simply need to place their thumb on the screen to open the joint of smart lock.

Fingerprint-enabled deadbolt

This deadbolt lock is perfect for those who unintentionally lock themselves out of their homes. But don’t worry key lock systems are old fashioned now. All you need to get in your homes is to place your fingers on the deadbolt screens and there you go. The best thing is these locks work on 4 AA size battries.

Imation Defender F200

You are used to of keeping your important files in your laptops and phones but what about their security? Have you ever put yours minds in this major issue? These files can be of great importance that you can’t afford to misplace them. To get rid of this tension experts have got you a drive that is secure and easy to handle. All you need to do is to plug in this device into your computers and move all of your documents into its safe folders. But the important thing about this drive is that it will not operate until and unless the owner opens it through its fingerprint.


iPassports are the smart passport cases that uses the owners fingerprint to open. It provides a safe and sleek way to carry your passports as well as your important documents, ID cards, Credit cards and similar important items when you are on your travel.

These and many other fingerprint access devices are available at your ease so that you can keep your homes, cars and many important files safe.