A Google Plus Exposed Many Users’ Personal Data

There were the days when people could only hack the users’ data from the phones only. People then started trusting the Google apps to keep their important data safe and secure. Like for their personal photos and documents they started using Google photos and Google drives etc. but after hearing the news of bug that exposed many Google plus users’ data caused many people doubt the Google’ credentials as well. After the Facebook, the news of exposure of the many users’ personal information due to the Google plus bug was another shock to the Google plus users. Google didn’t expose this news to public because it fears of the repercussions as the one Facebook was facing its own Cambridge Analytical Moment.

The one good thing about this bad news is that the personal data that was exposed includes the names, date of birth, age, gender, profile photos, residential areas, relationship status and occupations but what were not exposed were messages and phone numbers. But it’s still not fair as of today no one wants its personal information to be exposed. Everyone wants the social security that they deserve.

No one is able to know the exact amount of the users’ personal data that was affected by the bug, not even the Google itself. The bug was in the Google’s API which was present since 2015 till now. Taking the advantage of the bug the third party App developers hacked many users’ data.

According to Google almost 500,000 Google plus profiles were affected two weeks prior the bug was patched. From this we can imagine that how many profiles have been affected since 2015. Not only this according to 438 separate third party applications, none of the data was misused as there are no evidences of such issues. But we all know that if there is no evidence then it does not mean that there wasn’t any such issue. It is possible that Google does not know the fact.

Google says that it will be taking down the Google Plus server for the next 10 months by the end of August 2019. During this period Google will be trying to still get some value out of their Google Plus investment by offering it as a better communication tool for the workplaces.

Google remained quite so that no one can get to know about the breach but in this world cover ups always go worse and so was in this case. Despite of keeping the fact quite Google failed to hide it.